“Perth Pregnancy Centre is establishing itself as a viable alternative to hospital based antenatal care for low-moderate risk women. The service is 100% bulk billed and with the support of GPs in the community, women will have the option of accessing community based care throughout their pregnancy. Extended postnatal care is offered to provide clinical care and support to women in their transition into early parenthood. We value the support of GPs in the community and strive to work collaboratively to deliver safe, effective, evidence-based care to women throughout pregnancy and in the postnatal period.”

Who to refer

Any woman wanting to access community based appointments & continuity of care. Low – moderate risk women are eligible to receive all care at PPC. High risk women can be referred to PPC for midwifery support (non-clinical care) & PN care.

When to refer
Women can be referred upon confirmation of pregnancy. We introduce them to our service and discuss all other maternity care options available to them (including private obs and family birth centre). If opting for care through PPC, we schedule follow up appointments from 12weeks of pregnancy. We assume lead clinical care from this point.

Referral process

Women can be referred at any time during pregnancy from pregnancy confirmation to 32 weeks. A referral to PPC is required if the GP wishes continue to be involved in the pregnancy care. PPC would lead clinical care & the woman would be advised to return to her referring GP at key points throughout her pregnancy or for any non-pregnancy related care. No birthing hospital referral is required.

Communicating care between PPC & GPs
All women are provided with a National Pregnancy Hand Held Record at booking. This file also contains hard copies of bloods/USS results ordered throughout pregnancy. Woman are advised to bring this file to every antenatal appointment at PPC and to any GP appointment. We encourage GPs to communicate any care/concerns in the NPHR. Following postnatal discharge from PPC, women are provided with a letter, postnatal checklist and birth summary to provide to their GP to ensure effective communication for ongoing care with the primary healthcare provider.

How PPC work with the birth birthing hospital

PPC has formal agreements/processes with most metro hospitals. Women are advised of all available options at the initial appointment with PPC. All women are provided with a National Pregnancy Handheld record (NPHR) at the booking appointment. This is used to communicate care between PPC, the birthing hospital & GPs throughout the pregnancy. A referral is sent to the chosen birthing hospital at 20wks (unless early referral is indicated). The woman is then booked into the hospital via physical appointment, Telehealth or paper booking. Ongoing care is provided by PPC until birth & recommenced following hospital discharge.

Our extended midwifery role

As endorsed midwives, we have undertaken additional education to be able to provide pregnancy related bloods tests, USS & prescribe drugs from the NBMA formulary for midwives. We utilise this extended role to be able to provide a complete service for women and lead the care throughout pregnancy. We consider our service as an alternative to hospital based antenatal care and value the role of the woman’s GP as a primary health care provider.

Benefits of care at PPC

Convenient location with free parking

Convenient, flexible appointment times (6 days per week)

Highly experienced midwives offering continuity of care

Personable, friendly service

Extended postnatal support (clinic visits up to 6wks)

Free lactation consultant support for PPC clients

Access to bulk billed review by an obstetrician

Onsite women’s health physio

Out of hours access to midwifery advice/support

Choice of Ultrasound services (bulk billed/co-payment/specialist scans)

Specialist Obstetric Support at PPC

PPC has a collaborative agreement with a nominated obstetrician consultation/referral.
All women at PPC are offered a bulk billed with the obstetrician at PPC in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. We work collaboratively with birthing
hospital and consult/refer with the on-call obstetrician, as appropriate. Care is transferred to birthing hospital if complications arise and ongoing midwifery support is offered. PPC also have existing pregnancy shared care arrangements with local GPs and welcome this model of care for women referred by their GP, particularly if the GP has a keen interest in antenatal care and women’s health.

Additional services at PPC

Lactation consultant

Antenatal education

Counselling service

Onsite Ultrasound services

PPC is also an excellent resource for GPs who wish to access up to date info on screening & diagnostics in pregnancy, lactation and other services relating to pregnancy and postnatal issues.

For further information, please contact PPC on (08) 6202 0057