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Linda Wilson | Midwife Director
Linda Wilson | Midwife DirectorRegistered Midwife (Endorsed), Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
I migrated to Australia from the UK in 2006 and began practicing at a large teaching hospital in Perth and after gaining a few years experience caring for women with high-risk pregnancies and birth, I moved to a smaller hospital to enable me to care for women deemed predominantly low risk ‘normal’ pregnancy and birth. During this time, I undertook further training to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. This enabled me to support breastfeeding women in a specialist role. I joined the Community Midwifery Program (CMP) in 2011, caring for women birthing at home, hospital and in the birthing centre. This was a challenging but enormously rewarding role. In 2015 I set up in private practice providing pregnancy and postnatal care and lactation consultations. During this time, I recognised the need for a midwifery clinic that offers bulk billed care to women and advocates for and supports their choices during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Myself and Gaynor have worked together for several years and share the same passion and vision for women centred maternity care services. We are very excited to launch this new centre and look forward to meeting new families embarking on their pregnancy journey.
Gaynor Ward | Midwife Director
Gaynor Ward | Midwife DirectorRegistered Midwife (Endorsed)
I trained as a midwife in the UK and worked autonomously providing Midwifery led care to women in both a hospital and community setting. I migrated to Perth in 2008 and worked as a Clinical Midwife in a public/private hospital and then as a case loading midwife for the Community Midwifery Program (CMP). This role enabled me to provide Midwifery led care throughout the antenatal, intapartum (birth), and postnatal period for many women. Being recognised as the clinical lead in low risk midwifery led care, and appointed the Clinical Midwifery Specialist for CMP, I was instrumental in providing clinical leadership, implementing policy compliance, and developing best practice guidelines ensuring gold standard Midwifery led care.
In order to progress my passion, myself and my co-director, Linda have established Perth Pregnancy Centre with a vision that all pregnant women should have access to choice, control, and gold standard continuity of Midwifery led care.
PPC is where any pregnant woman can come to experience safe, evidence based Midwifery care with knowledgeable, competent and confident Midwives. I look forward to providing this new, unique, community-based service and to supporting newly pregnant mums throughout their pregnancy and early parenting journey.
Maxine Klukow
Maxine KlukowRegistered Midwife (Endorsed)
I moved to Australia from the UK in 2009. I have worked in a variety of midwifery settings over the past 23 years. My background in the UK was primarily community midwifery but I also loved caring for women in the hospital setting.

I initially worked at Joondalup Health Campus before having my 2nd son in 2011. I then moved to the Community Midwifery Program and my passion for community based care, providing continuity of care to women and their families, and the professional rewards it brings.

I am now a senior midwife at King Edward Memorial Hospital. I recently undertook further training to enable me to join the amazing midwives at PPC. I believe that all women should be offered choice and feel empowered in their pregnancy journey. My goal is to help facilitate this process and ensure that I can assist women to experience a healthy and positive experience throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Gina Emery
Gina EmeryRegistered Midwife (Endorsed)
My passion for Midwifery came from my journey as a new mother and my experience of the maternity care I received in the United Kingdom. When my eldest daughter was 10 months old I went back to University to train as a Midwife and this was the best decision I ever made.
I wanted to be a practitioner offering women and their partners choice and woman centred care in their own journeys to becoming parents. During my training and working life in the UK I learnt how to care for women in all different situations, during high risk pregnancies and labours to low risk water births. I loved the diversity of this role and caring for the many families that I met along the way.
I migrated with my young family to Perth from the UK in 2011, and have worked in both private hospitals and at Perth’s public flagship tertiary centre for the last six years.
The Australian Government have recognised that women should be given choices in their maternity care and have paved the way for women to have the continuity of a named carer during their pregnancies. This is something from my experience that is important to women and their families.
I am excited about the opportunity of being part of the Perth Pregnancy Centre team and to be able to offer continuity of care to families.
Lauren Calverley
Lauren CalverleyRegistered Midwife (Endorsed)
I am delighted to join the fantastic team at Perth Pregnancy Centre. I share the team’s philosophy of woman centred care and fully informed choice. I am committed to providing women and their families with the highest standard of care, to facilitate a safe and healthy pregnancy and a positive start to life as a new parent.
I trained as a Midwife in 2005, and worked in the hospital in my hometown for 7 years. I cared for mostly low risk women having straightforward pregnancies. I moved to Perth in 2012, and took up a role at King Edward Hospital, where I gained valuable experience caring for women with complicated pregnancies. I have worked in all areas of maternity care, from early pregnancy right through to home visiting. I also love teaching, and enjoy running antenatal classes for parents-to-be, to help them feel confident and empowered heading into parenthood.
I am so happy to be joining Perth Pregnancy Centre, and look forward to joining you on your pregnancy journey.
Sheryl Munro
Sheryl MunroRegistered Midwife (Endorsed)
I have been a midwife for 20 years and have worked in Scotland and all around Australia. 

My experience has been in all fields of Maternity and in the last 10 years it has mainly been antenatal care. 

I have been privileged to provide care, support, educate and empower women and their families to achieve the best pregnancy and childbirth experience possible and supporting them in their new journey into parenthood.

My ultimate focus is to provide women-centred care that is holistic and I believe that continuity of care and informed decision making maximises the chance of an empowered pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

I believe with continuity we can build a trusting relationship to guide woman through this special part of their life. 

I am happy to be part of the amazing PPC team, midwives that are all supportive and knowledgeable and all working towards the same goal of specialist maternity provision that is second to none.

Laura Millar
Laura MillarRegistered Midwife (Endorsed)
I gained my qualifications in New Zealand and moved to Australia in 2014 where I have been working as a midwife at Joondalup Health Campus.

I now have the privilege of working with the team at Perth Pregnancy Centre where I can share my passion for women’s health and empowering families while on their journey to parenthood.

As an endorsed midwife, with experience across all areas of maternity care including labour and delivery suite, I am able to share my expertise with other mums, and help ensure your experience of bringing life in to this world is a safe, informed and enjoyable process


Dr Stas Vashevnik | MBBS FRANZCOG
Dr Stas Vashevnik | MBBS FRANZCOGConsultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
I highly value and respect womens’ choices and believe in empowering women and clients to make informed decisions about their care. I treat my interactions with and opportunity to serve patients as a privilege. I individualize counselling and treatments to provide the best available information and care to patients and clients. I strongly believe in maximizing continuity of care and do my utmost to be available for patients and clients around the clock for advice and professional service.
Clinipath Pathology
Clinipath Pathology
We have partnered with Clinipath Pathology to provide a specialist pregnancy & IVF tracking blood collection centre. All screening bloods including:
Initial booking bloods
Routine bloods

An experienced, friendly collector available Monday – Friday.
All pathology referrals accepted

Cathy Makin | Clarity & Well-Being Counselling
Cathy Makin | Clarity & Well-Being Counselling Counsellor
At Perth Pregnancy Centre, we completely understand pregnancy and motherhood can be a stressful and anxious time, Therefore we are happy to offer counselling services to those we feel can benefit. Cathy aims to provide a safe and non judgmental environment for expectant and new mothers to express their emotions and any difficulties they are experiencing. The aim of counselling is to alleviate stress during pregnancy and beyond, by providing support and understanding.
Ultrasound services
Ultrasound services
“Perth Pregnancy Centre has teamed up with Ultrasound Services to provide all of your
pregnancy scans onsite. Professional, quality scans are offered in a relaxed & welcoming
environment. The team at Ultrasound Services are highly skilled, personable sonographers
that are committed to making the experience enjoyable for all.
All referrals accepted”

To book an ultrasound, call Ultrasound Services directly on (08) 9583 5199


Amanda Janotka
Amanda JanotkaReceptionist/Administrator