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Antenatal Care

Antenatal care is offered following confirmation of pregnancy with a referral from your GP or you can self refer. The highly experienced midwives at PPC can order all pregnancy related tests and ultrasound scans and organise a referral to book into your local hospital. If you would like to continue seeing your GP through your pregnancy, a shared care option is available.
The midwives at PPC offer ample opportunity at every appointment to discuss and questions or concerns you may have throughout your pregnancy. They offer continued support and guidance throughout to ensure you feel informed on all aspects of your maternity care.
For any complications that may arise during your pregnancy, we can offer access to a specialist GP who will determine whether transfer to hospital care is indicated.
All appointments are 100% bulk billed in our welcoming centre.
A service fee is payable for clients continuing care with PPC after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Postnatal Care

Following hospital discharge, visits will be arranged by the hospital home visiting service. Home visits will be offered until your baby is 5 days old.
Continued postnatal care and feeding support is offered in our welcoming centre after this time up until your baby is 6 weeks old. This service is 100% bulk billed.
The midwives at PPC will offer support and advice throughout your transition into parenthood.
If you experience difficulties with breastfeeding your baby, the lactation consultant can offer specialist support as part of your bulk billed postnatal care.

Lactation Consultations

Breastfeeding issues can arise at any point in your breastfeeding journey.
If you require the services of a lactation consultant at any time following the birth of your baby, you can access Perth Pregnancy Centre for both clinic based and home appointments.
Our highly experienced lactation consultant is available for appointments 6 days a week. Appointments can be arranged in the centre for an affordable fee.
During the appointment a comprehensive review will be undertaken and a breastfeeding plan formulated, if required. Follow up appointments and/or phone support can be arranged to suits your needs and requirements.
Clinic based lactation appointments can be booked online via Healthengine or by calling the centre directly. For further information about lactation services, please contact the centre via phone or the ‘contact us’ link below.

Antenatal Classes

All classes facilitated by qualified midwives or Lactation Consultant. Places are limited to facilitate an intimate, supportive environment.
For further information or to book a class call (08) 6202 0057

Clinipath Pathology

We have partnered with Clinipath Pathology to provide a specialist pregnancy & IVF tracking blood collection centre. All screening bloods including:
Initial booking bloods
Routine bloods

An experienced, friendly collector available Monday – Friday.
All pathology referrals accepted


Our onsite counsellor offers appointments during pregnancy & following birth. Appointments are facilitated by a friendly, welcoming counsellor in a relaxed and comfortable setting. All appointments are privately billed. For more information visit:

Clarity and Well Being Counselling

Ultrasound Scans

Onsite ultrasounds performed by specialist sonographers in a relaxed and comfortable setting. 3D & 4D scanning technology available to provide clearer images. All referrals accepted. Gender scans also available (no referral required). For appointment bookings contact Ultrasound Services on (08) 9583 5199. For further information please visit the website :


To book an ultrasound, call Ultrasound Services directly on (08) 9583 5199